Featured Video: The Meaning of Love

Love-Birds-Parrots Love is the most powerful force. It is the most fun of all human emotions. It is nature’s way of keeping the human race together. If I were to give a piece of advice to people, it would be to love each other.

Love would be useless if you keep it to yourself. We’re used to loving ourselves, hiding it, keeping it, that we sometimes forget to feel our own love and the love of others. It’s just too important for us that we’re too scared to lose it and give it away. We’re scared to lose what motivates us every morning when we wake up.

Consider one thing: love is never limited. We have an unlimited supply of love and it never runs out. Don’t be selfish and share it with other people. Give it away freely. Giving it away freely doesn’t literally mean loving everyone around you despite being getting hurt, crushed and uncared for. It means loving others without expecting anything in return. Love with the purest, cleanest intentions.  Love isn’t about having the most friends or having the richest parents who could give you everything you want and need. Only you could pause, play, and stop the flow of love into your life. No one can give you more love than you already have but yourself.

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