Featured Video: Trees Can Save the World

Even before the first fire and the first stone weapon was made, imagespeople have found many uses for trees. Technology as we know, wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our beloved trees.  If we save our trees, our trees can save our lives too. Here’s a list of why we should take care of them:

1. Trees provide us oxygen. It provides us better air quality so that the air we breathe is always clean.

2. Trees provide us food. Imagine a world without apples, bananas, or oranges. Who doesn’t love apples?

3. Trees provide us shelter. Trees provide animals shelter. They provide us excellent shade from the sun and occasional rain. Birds and other animals take shelter as well in big trees not just for cover but also for protection. They provide us lumber for our houses and furniture

4. Trees tell time. Who else would tell us when summer, spring, fall, and winter are coming but our lovely trees.

Find out more on the importance of trees by clicking on the link below.


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