Video Appreciation


Of course, we are big fans of video. It is the new “text” and something that instantly engages students and transforms the language classroom into a place full of real, meaningful language.

We have over 10,000 video lessons, all with transcripts and subtitles/text. Our video editors are second to none and they produce only the very best videos for language learning and education. However, that is only half of the story. Half of the work. The rest is up to you.

Students must Watch | Learn | Speak and study the vocabulary. Teachers must organize the video lessons / learning for students, choosing what will work for their students.

In this vein, here is a fail safe lesson that both students and teachers will enjoy beyond belief. The “video appreciation” lesson.

It is really simple. Do the following.

1. Select 4 high quality videos (about 1 to 3 minutes in length) for students to watch. Tell them they are to watch them as video critics.

2. Play each video for a few moments. Stop and let the students guess what it is about.

3. Watch the whole video. Stop where it makes sense and ask students to predict what will happen next.

4. Hand out one of the Video Appreciation sheets (see below). Go over the categories.

5. Watch the video again and have students fill out the sheet and after discuss in a small group.

6. Turn over the sheet and repeat with the next video.

It’s fun. It’s full of great language to learn. It is engaging for students of any level. Plus, the students can study the videos on their own afterward on EnglishCentral!

Resources: Video Appreciation Sheet 1     Video Appreciation sheet 2

Try these 4 videos for intermediate level students!

Why learn English?

Why learn English?

Do you speak English?

Do you speak   English?

Tokyo: A Cool City

Tokyo: A Cool City

Kid's Affirmation

Kid’s Affirmation


  1. Kathleen Bauer says:

    Is this program appropriate for a 3 week conversation camp of 200 university students of multiple levels ranging from basic to intermediate? Would it be difficult for 12 different teachers to put together the lesson plans for their classes? Everyone uses textbooks because the curriculum is basically set up and you just follow it. However, I think this video course would capture student attention, and the 2-3 minute clips would be great conversation starters. But we have 12 teachers with varying levels of experience and commitment. Could these teachers easily put together 3 weeks of lessons without tons of work and searching for appropriate levels? I would love some feedback on these questions.


    • Hi Kathleen,

      Not difficult at all and I think EnglishCentral works perfect as a camp curriculum (also because it does get students away from the usual grind of “open the textbook, look at exercise 1 etc…). I think if you set things up so teacher led classes compliment the EnglishCentral course videos, it will work. Create simple activities around each video and / or worksheets (there is a tutorial on this blog on how to quickly use our transcripts to create worksheets).

      Our Discuss It course would be a great camp course. Discussions / debates in teacher led classes – other classes are work on EnglishCentral and completing the required goals/videos. Please send me an email at and I can set up a call to describe more.





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  2. […] Deubelbeiss has come up some very useful student sheets to use with ELLs when showing videos. I’m adding it to The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For […]


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