Featured Video: Communication is Aid

communicate2Sometimes we give too much thought about simple questions in life. It’s a random thought. It’s a simple question that never has a definite answer. We do it all the time even if we’re alone but why? Why do we need to communicate? Why do we need to talk? Why do we need to listen?

There’s probably no exact answer but we all know that we communicate to exchange information. You’re in a foreign land and you cannot read maps so you go to a local and to ask for directions. That is exchanging information.

We communicate to express what we feel. It’s not enough that we do the happy dance in our room, seen by no one. There is always a need to tell someone, “Hey! Guess what? I won the lottery,” or “I’m getting married!” Even during our deepest sadness, we always want a shoulder to cry on or have someone listen to our problem.

We communicate because it’s human nature to do it. Technology has made communication possible in every way even if people are miles apart. Whether it be SMS, MMS, e-mail or Facebook, we will find ways to communicate with others. Smiles and frowns are communication themselves. Gestures and facial expressions let other people know how we feel. It’s the simplest form of communication that doesn’t require words. People all over the world know what smiling or frowning or crying means. It doesn’t require us to use language. Even babies know what these means.

Communication is so important that even if we don’t say anything at all, other will know what our mind is telling them.

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