Learning English with Jim Carrey

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Learning English with the funny Jim Carrey.

This is one of my favorite videos to recommend to beginner level students in EnglishCentral.  Why? This is because the video is rich with common vocabulary and expressions. It is also short and very funny!

Let’s take a look at how you can maximize studying English with an EnglishCentral video; in this case, with “Jim Carrey: Stop This Insanity”.

1. Watch Mode. In this mode, the goal is for you to watch and listen so that you can understand what is going on. When there is a word that you do not know, click on the word to see its meaning. You do not have to memorize it, but at least understand the word so that the video’s story will unfold.

Example: “Listen up, people.” You will hear Jim Carrey say this, and based on his actions, you can understand what he means. But if you don’t, you can always click on “Listen up” or “people” to check the definition.

2.  Learn Mode. In this mode, the goal is for you to hone your listening skills, and to enrich your vocabulary. It will ask you to type down some of the words that you will hear from the video. It tests your ability to hear the right word, and understand it based on the context. This is good practice because it makes you familiar with how words sound.

Example: “Listen up, ____ .” You will hear Jim Carrey say the full sentence, and you have already seen and heard this in the Watch Mode. You will have to type down the missing word that you hear, and the player will let you know if it is correct or not.

3. Speak Mode. In this mode, the goal is for you to practice your word pronunciations and speech fluency. It will allow you to listen to each line for the third time, so you can study how each word is pronounced, and how each sentence sounds. Remember that practice, practice, practice is the key to being successful in anything you do, and that includes learning the English language.

Example: “Listen up, people.” After Jim Carrey says this, the line will stop and the player will ask you to record your voice. Click on the microphone button and speak the line. The player will then give you feedback and a grade to let you know which words to improve on, and which words you are already good at!

When you practice with at least one video a day, your English skills will definitely get better: vocabulary, listening, reading, and speaking.

So, shall we begin studying English? Let’s practice with “Jim Carrey: ‘Stop This Insanity'”.

Happy learning!


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