Featured Video: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

walking_aloneScience usually reminds us of lab coats, thick books and microscopes. Einstein, Galileo and Edison; rockets, astronauts, space ships; animals, plants and humans, these make up science, but only a part of it. There is science in everything we see, hear, smell, feel and taste. With the help of science, who knows but we may even be able to visit the other planets in the near future.

One of the many mysteries of science is why no one can walk straight without a guide. Try experimenting with a friend and put a blindfold on him. Make him walk for as long as he can and see what happens. Until now, there’s no detailed or clear study as to why we walk in circles. Some scientists say it might be related to the left-handedness or right-handedness of a person. Some say it might be due to gravity. Another factor they consider is the length of limbs a person has. One limb might be longer than the other and it can really affect the path of a blinded person. For others, there might be no reason for it all. No matter what the answer is, how can we be going around in circles without even knowing it?

Find out out more on why we cannot walk straight by clicking on the link below.


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