How to make simple worksheets

We get a lot of emails asking about worksheets and downloadables for our videos.   Presently, we provide the transcript for each video lesson  and a few workbooks which can be used with our video lessons (go here).  However, that’s not near enough for many teachers and we agree! We’ll be opening a resource sharing […]

Featured Video: Salar de Uyuni: Salt Desert

Earth is probably the only known inhabitable place in the solar system right now. Scientists and space engineers have dedicated their time and effort studying lifeless areas but they don’t need to go far to see one. In Bolivia lies the largest ancient dry lake bed that is probably one of the many wonders of […]

Featured Video: Communication is Aid

Sometimes we give too much thought about simple questions in life. It’s a random thought. It’s a simple question that never has a definite answer. We do it all the time even if we’re alone but why? Why do we need to communicate? Why do we need to talk? Why do we need to listen? […]

Teachers’ Guide

Teachers value the help we give them and nothing can be more helpful than a comprehensive guide. Take a read through our Teachers’ Guide and learn in more detail about our amazing English language learning solution. It includes a complete section on how to use our learning management system – free to all teachers. Download […]

Visit Us At TESOL Dallas

EnglishCentral will be attending TESOL Dallas, March 20 – 23rd.   It’s the perfect time for us to show off our stuff, say hello to our partnered teachers and schools plus make new contacts. If you are attending, please come say hello. We’ll have special complementary seat offer to all who do. We’ll be at […]

2018 Course Catalog Now Available

The 2018 Course Catalogs for EnglishCentral are now available for download: Academic Catalog    |   Corporate Catalog The Course Catalogs cover a variety of over 150 courses published on EnglishCentral carefully curated by our own content team and with the cooperation of our many partners. From English Skills to ESP courses, our catalog has something […]

Featured Video: I Am a Princess

Every girl can be a princess. Tiaras, gowns, and princes; these do not make up a princess but it makes up royalty. True princesses do not need royalty or horse-drawn carriages like what we see on television. It’s about confidence, being strong, and a big heart. What makes a princess? A real princess is confident. […]

We’ll be at TESOL Arabia

TESOL Arabia is the premier education conference in the Middle East. 3 days of great presentations and exhibits – March 14th to 16th. Our Director of Education and Marketing manager will be attending the conference and extend an open invitation to meet those attending. EnglishCentral teachers or those interested in finding out more can fill […]

Find Out Your Language Level

On EnglishCentral, we have 7 different levels. Our video lessons, the words on EnglishCentral and courses are all in certain levels. For video lessons and courses, we group levels Level 1-2 = Easy Level 3-4 = Medium Level 5-7 = Difficult For vocabulary we use a scale of 1 – 7 that students pre-select from […]

Learning English with Jim Carrey

This is one of my favorite videos to recommend to beginner level students in EnglishCentral.  Why? This is because the video is rich with common vocabulary and expressions. It is also short and very funny! Let’s take a look at how you can maximize studying English with an EnglishCentral video; in this case, with “Jim […]