New Video Lessons On EnglishCentral

NEW_StarburstWe are very proud of our approach to language learning and teaching – keeping our content fresh and up to date.

Sure, a lot of content does stand the test of time, but students also prefer to study what is current and “now”.   So here are the video lessons released for the past week: Feb. 18 – 22nd.   Lots of interesting stuff!

It’s easy to find what’s new on the site – just select “Most Recent” from the video browse page.  Our new courses will always have a “NEW” ribbon, on the course catalog page. 

VOA 60 WORLD: Al-Qaeda’s Wing Claims Baghdad Bombings (19 Feb 13)    
VOA 60 USA: Thousands Urge the President to Combat Climate Change (19 Feb 13) News  
VOA 60 USA: President Obama Puts Pressure on Republicans (21 Feb 13) News  
VOA 60 WORLD: A Car Bomb Kills 30 (22 Feb 13) News  
VOA 60 USA: A Powerful Winter Storm Hits Midwest US (22 Feb 13) News  
Starbucks Offers One-Dollar Reusable Cups Companies, News
Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to Anything Daily Life, Socializing  
How to Throw a Mardi Gras Party Holidays  
US Catholics Have Mixed Reactions to Pope’s Resignation News  
How to Eat Healthy on the Road Daily Life, Health  
Subway is the First Commercials  
The 85th Academy Award Nominations 1 Movies, News  
The 85th Academy Award Nominations 2 Movies, News  
Marbella Trestle Table: A Timeless Work of Art Commercials  
How to Wrap Up a Meeting Meetings, Working  
The Meaning of Mardi Gras Holidays  
Pope Benedict’s Resignation Brings Shock and Hope News  
Blogs in Plain English Daily Life, Education  
Time for a Holiday Daily Life  
You vs. Unconditional Love Commercials  
Mondays Can Be Great Commercials  
Mayhem is Everywhere Commercials  
The Art of the Pitch Business, Presentations  
An Introduction to Banking Banking, Finance  
Online Identity Theft Banking, Finance  
What is Law? Education  
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Jury System Education  
The Creation and Destruction of the Ozone Layer Environment  
Protecting the Ozone Layer Environment  




  1. I’m not sure if I really can’t type any words in the blank of the “Learn” section of the video. Could you help me to check it or are there any other ways that I can type them? Thx a lot!


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