Grading On EnglishCentral

speak gradeWhen students speak a video lesson on EnglishCentral, we give them a speaking grade.  The grade is cumulative and as students speak, we grade the lines and compile a grade.  After a student finishes recording the whole video, the grade is final (but can be improved upon by repeating lines).

We’ve recently changed the distribution of marks given on EnglishCentral and students may note some differences from the grades they received previously, particularly at the top (A) and bottom (C/D).  It is now tougher to get a higher grade but please consider that as a challenge!

Here are graphs presenting the grading and marking profiles for speaking videos.  We believe we now more accurately communicate the achievement of students.  Teachers can find their students’ individual spoken video grades in their Reports area under the  “Spoken Videos” report.

Current Grading Curve

Current Grading Curve

Old Grading Curve

Old Grading Curve


  1. On what date did it take effect?


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