What is a Course in EnglishCentral?

A course is a collection of videos that help you learn English in a focused and structured way. Let me discuss this further:

Different courses are seen under EnglishCentral topics. As you may already know, EnglishCentral categorizes its videos under different topics and skills, (Academic, Business, Media, Social, Travel, Young Learners, and Vocabulary and Pronunciation respectively). Courses are similarly categorized in that manner.When you filter the MyBrowse page to Courses, you will see various courses under each topic and skill. For example, you will see courses like “Using the Telephone” and “Job Interviews” under Business English, and “Conversation” and “Discussion Issues” under Social English.

Different courses for kids and kids at heart!

Related videos are part of a course. Now each course also has its own topic, and so the videos in each course are related to that particular topic. For example, the course “Traveling Abroad” has videos that teach you English expressions when getting into a taxi or buying an international phone. Another example is the course “Amazing Science”, which has videos about energy, animals, and the environment  that helps you learn scientific vocabulary. If you are a movie buff, you can also study English with the course “At the Movies”, which has different movie trailers.

Quiz activities are part of a course. A course usually has a quiz at the end. This helps you review all the vocabulary you learned in the videos. This is a good way of learning English because it makes sure that you REMEMBER all that you learned.

A course makes you stick to your study schedule. In a course, you may see 5 videos and one quiz. In this case, you can finish it in a week. What happens is that you WATCH, LEARN and SPEAK one video a day. This will only take a bout 15-30 minutes of your time. Once you finish all the 5 videos in 5 days, you then get to the quiz on the 6th day! This sounds agreeable and practical, doesn’t it?

It is fulfilling to see your progress. EnglishCentral tracks your progress in a course. It will show you if you are 25%, 50% or 75% complete. This can give you a sense of achievement each day that you study and finish a video. What more when you see a 100% completion mark on your course!

I suggest that you try a course this week. It gets quite addicting after a while, when you realize that you are learning and having fun at the same time 🙂

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