EnglishCentral partners with NHK Kiso-Eigo

logojapanEnglishCentral’s speech enabled video player is enabling unlimited conversational speaking practice on “Gogakuru Can-do!”

Gogakuru Can-do! is produced by NHK Basic English”, a service by NTT Learning Systems Corporation on the Android mobile platform. Starting from 31 January 31st 2013, Gogakuru Can-do! users (Junior High School students in Japan) will have access to EnglishCentral video lessons and our unique video player. We are excited about this adoption and helping students in Japan improve their English speaking fluency.

Hirofumi Matsumura, the GM of EnglishCentral Japan says:

“We are glad to provide EnglishCentral’s unique speaking experience in a very unique mix of super-popular learning content and an engaging gamified environment. Once students have improved their English skills with  “Gogakuru Can-Do!” they can  challenge themselves with the 9000+ engaging video lessons available on EnglishCentral.

Read the full press release here.    The app may also be downloaded through Google Play.

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