New Video Lessons On EnglishCentral

We are very proud of our approach to language learning and teaching – keeping our content fresh and up to date. Sure, a lot of content does stand the test of time, but students also prefer to study what is current and “now”.   So here are the video lessons released for the past week: […]

Featured Video: Blogs in Plain English

Online communities have become very important over the past few years for gaining friends, establishing relationships, and interacting with others. One of the more significant characteristics in these online communities are web logs. A web blog, more commonly known as a blog is basically an online diary. It’s a perfect venue for thoughts and opinions. […]

EnglishCentral & Moodle

EnglishCentral is always innovating and keeping up with the times. In that vein, we will soon be launching our own moodle.  We’ll be doing this as part of our attendance at the Moodle Moot Japan, March 2nd and 3rd, 2013. It will be a great weekend of showcasing our new Moodle and how schools and […]

Featured Video: Child of the 90s

If you weren’t born during the 90s, you’ll never know what it felt like to push a Betamax or VHS tape into a VCR. The kids of today will never know the relationship between a pencil and a cassette tape. Before the Xbox or the PlayStation, we played Furbies and Pogs. Sodas were cool but […]

Grading On EnglishCentral

When students speak a video lesson on EnglishCentral, we give them a speaking grade.  The grade is cumulative and as students speak, we grade the lines and compile a grade.  After a student finishes recording the whole video, the grade is final (but can be improved upon by repeating lines). We’ve recently changed the distribution […]

Foreign Language Anxiety

We are asked often to name the one thing EnglishCentral does best. There are a lot of benefits to using EnglishCentral and we aren’t shy about sharing them; motivating content that is current and up to date large amounts of graded listening (input) material vocabulary presented in context and at the students’ level allowing students […]

What is a Course in EnglishCentral?

A course is a collection of videos that help you learn English in a focused and structured way. Let me discuss this further: • Different courses are seen under EnglishCentral topics. As you may already know, EnglishCentral categorizes its videos under different topics and skills, (Academic, Business, Media, Social, Travel, Young Learners, and Vocabulary and […]

Featured Video: Love Sick

We love love. We also love Valentine’s Day. Don’t be a lonely soul. Go out there and love. February 14 is about spending time with your loved ones. If you don’t have someone to hold hands with while walking, spend it with your siblings or your parents. It may be hard to get away from […]

Featured Video: The Chinese New Year: From Fear to Festivity

For the Chinese people, the start of new life begins on the first day of the lunar month. The spring festival commonly known as the Chinese New Year, is the most celebrated event in the Chinese calendar. According to legend, a lion-like monster, Nian, preyed upon the villagers during New Year’s Eve. To keep the […]

EnglishCentral partners with NHK Kiso-Eigo

EnglishCentral’s speech enabled video player is enabling unlimited conversational speaking practice on “Gogakuru Can-do!” Gogakuru Can-do! is produced by NHK Basic English”, a service by NTT Learning Systems Corporation on the Android mobile platform. Starting from 31 January 31st 2013, Gogakuru Can-do! users (Junior High School students in Japan) will have access to EnglishCentral video […]