Featured Video: The Last

“How many have you loved?” This short film talks about a young man who attempts to answer a deep question from his girlfriend. Find out what the young guy’s answer is in this romantic video about youth and love. How about you? Have you found the last? http://www.englishcentral.com/video/19356/who-i-loved If you want to see more of […]

YBM Sisa.com partners with EnglishCentral

YBM Sisa.com the #1 brand in Korea for online learning, is using EnglishCentral in its latest Speaking product the New E900 .  EnglishCentral video lessons will add to their English language online curriculum. A subsidiary of Korea’s largest language school and publishing company, YBMSisa counts over 30,000 corporations and 100 universities as its customers in Korea.

BandTec adopts the EnglishCentral platform

BandTec, a technical university in Sao Paulo, Brazil  has adopted EnglishCentral as part of its intensive English training curriculum. Students use EnglishCentral 3 times per week, following a custom curriculum designed for general communication skills and specialized IT English training. BandTec Press Release Sept. 2012 (Portuguese)

Get Course Details

We just released some new functionality for our courses.  Now students or teachers can go to the video detail page for any video lesson in a course. Just hover over the video thumbnail in the course widget and then click “Get More Details”.  You’ll be taken to the course detail page for this video lesson […]

The Best Intermediate Level Video Lessons

Motivation is key to language learning.  If you aren’t “into” what you are studying, if it is boring, dry and dull – you aren’t going to spend the time needed with it to learn and acquire English. Here at EnglishCentral, we understand this and provide fresh, current, popular content that language learners love to study. […]

The 5-25-5 Formula

You might have seen the numbers “5-25-5” in EnglishCentral’s website, brochures or emails. But do you know what this really means? The 5-25-5 is a weekly study formula that means: Watch 5 videos, Learn 25 words and Speak 5 videos This 5-25-5 formula hones your English skills quickly by helping you immerse in, and practice […]