100 millionth line spoken on EnglishCentral!

100mill-bannerEnglishCentral keeps growing by leaps and bounds. As students speak and we gather speech data about 2nd language speakers from  around the world, we become stronger at providing feedback and helping students. Today, we are happy to announce that the 100,000,000th line has been spoken on EnglishCentral.  Yes that is right 100 million!

The lucky student studies at Miyagi University in Japan. Her name is Tomomi Kono.  We’ll let her speak for herself about her award and special place at EnglishCentral.  Thank you Tomomi and all our students using EnglishCentral across the globe.

At first, I was so surprised when I got a message from EnglishCentral saying, “You’ve recorded the 100,000,000th line on the site.” I started using EnglishCentral as a new e-learning service in my English class at university. When I first started recording my speaking on the site, I always made mistakes on a certain consonant sound, but as I practiced the sound many times on the site, my pronunciation got better and I was so happy to see an A as my grade.

I like watching TED videos. I used to watch them on TED’s website with only English subtitles, but watching it on EnglishCentral gives me a much better idea of the meanings of words and English jokes. It’s very useful and fun.
After 3 months of studying on EnglishCentral, I was delighted to see my TOEIC improved 120 points. I was really glad that I made this progress. I will continue to have fun learning English on EnglishCentral to improve my TOEIC score more.
Miyagi ted


  1. Yes EnglishCentral is powerful tool for learn English it me very like.


  2. It’s a great tool for helping people to translate and understand English. I found it very helpful. Keep up the great work!!


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