Meet Our CEO In Brazil

luv brazil.message from our CEO

As the founder of EnglishCentral, I want to thank you personally for being one of our pioneering teachers using EnglishCentral  in Brazil. 

Brazil is an exciting new market for us.  To that end, with our partner Faculdade BandTec, we are hosting a Roundtable of our early adopters on Tuesday, January 22nd, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Faculdade BandTec, Rua Estela, 268 Próximo ao metrô Paraíso, São Paulo, Sao Paulo 04011001 Brazil.

If you have not yet tried our premium service, this will be a great chance to try it because we are giving out free 3 month trials for up to 50 students for anyone who attends the Roundtable.  This will be a great chance for teachers to learn how EnglishCentral has been successfully adopted by hundreds of students a BandTec, and then try it yourself in your own class. Please feel free to bring along other colleagues.

I hope to see you in Brazil


Alan Schwartz
Founder, EnglishCentral, Inc.

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