English Central.net, our new North American Distributor

ec.net logoWe are proud to announce the new partnership between EnglishCentral and English Central.net. English Central.net will become our new North American distributor and reseller, servicing the North American English language learning, academic market. This builds on recent North American university adoptions of EnglishCentral, among them Arizona State University, Seattle Pacific University, Arkansas State and North Carolina State University.

EnglishCentral’s unique English language learning platform, based on cutting edge speech recognition technology and authentic video, is used by over 18,000 registered teachers at more than 5,000 different schools and institutions world wide. These include major university adoptions in Japan and Korea helping thousands of students.

Alan Schwartz, CEO of EnglishCentral, commented “Based on our growth in Asia, we are now getting significant interest in the North American market, especially within university IEP programs who find our Academic video and vocabulary courses extremely effective. The addition of English Central as our N.A. distributor will build on this growing demand and help us provide top quality sales and service to this market .”

EnglishCentral.net has been in business for over 10 years. Founded and operating from Toronto, Canada, they operate as an educational distributor as well as a popular bookstore. They represent many well know publishers such as Garnet Education and Delta Publishing.

For more information about EnglishCentral or to order the product in North America, contact English Central

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