The Best Intermediate Level Video Lessons

SimplythebestMotivation is key to language learning.  If you aren’t “into” what you are studying, if it is boring, dry and dull – you aren’t going to spend the time needed with it to learn and acquire English.

Here at EnglishCentral, we understand this and provide fresh, current, popular content that language learners love to study. Nothing boring or dry, just what students  find interesting.  Video Gold.  Do you know we produce over 30 new video lessons a week?

We thought it would be interesting to share our all time best video lessons for Intermediate level learners.  The video lessons with the most views, as decided by YOU the learner.  Enjoy these and keep coming back to EnglishCentral for new and fresh content.

Obama Victory Speech
Opposites May be both true
English Mania: the global conversation
Thank A Teacher
Steve Jobs: What Is Truly Important
Michael Jordan – Why I succeed
Welcome to The Team
Apple is richer than the American treasury

The purpse of getting good grades in school
The Devil Wears Prada
The man your man could smell like
Sex and the city 2
Do You Speak English
Dating: Dinner Conversation
The Future of Shopping
Kids Talk About True Love
Tokyo: A Cool City
Rapping Flight Attendant
Travel Guide Paris
Fresh Start

Young Learners
How The Whale Got its throat
Eggy’s Rhyming song
Lily The Baby Genius
Believe in Yourself

Forming the /l/ sound
Forming the /3/ sound
Forming the /r/ sound
Forming the AE sound

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