The 5-25-5 Formula

ECcoverphotoYou might have seen the numbers “5-25-5” in EnglishCentral’s website, brochures or emails. But do you know what this really means?

The 5-25-5 is a weekly study formula that means:

  • Watch 5 videos,
  • Learn 25 words and
  • Speak 5 videos

This 5-25-5 formula hones your English skills quickly by helping you immerse in, and practice the language 5 times a week. This is the same as going to school to learn new things and review lessons you already know. However, you can be flexible with this kind of online schedule.

Let me give you concrete examples of how you can schedule your study sessions.

A. The standard way is this way.

Day # of Videos to Watch # of Words to Learn # of Videos to Speak
Monday  1 5  1
Tuesday  1 5  1
Thursday  1  5 1
Friday  1 5  1
Saturday 1  5 1

B. But you can also tweak it, depending on your availability.

Day # of Video to Watch # of Words to Learn # of Videos to Speak
Wednesday 2 10 2
Thursday  2 10  2
Saturday  1  5 1


Day # of Videos to Watch # of Words to Learn # of Videos to Speak
Tuesday  1 5  1
Friday  1 5  1
Saturday 2  10 2
Sunday  1 5  1

The number of videos to watch, words to learn, and videos to speak per day really depend on your schedule. What is important is that you set your goal to a 5-25- 5 formula per week.


You can actually set this  formula in your MyEnglish page so that you will automatically be updated on how many videos you’ve watched, words you’ve learned, and videos you’ve spoken during that week. Just hover your pointer on the “Weekly Goal” on the right side of your MyEnglish page, and set it to 5-25-5. Then, you can check this every time you finish a video, to see how many videos and words you have studied.

Make this your study habit for the new year!

Then let us know if your English skills increase in a few months time 😀 (Of course it would!)

Good luck!

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