Featured Video: The Soup that Endangered Sharks

Sharks have been around for hundreds of millions of years yet the human population is on its course by killing them within a few years. It is a traditional Chinese delicacy offered in banquets and ceremonies for the elite and is usually reserved for special occasions. Now, it is commonly served in major cities . […]

Share what you think, tell us how you feel.

This past week, we held a great webinar where we collected a lot of comments about EnglishCentral from teachers using it in their schools. A big thank you to all who attended! If you didn’t attend, you can see the recording here. We’d like to extend the invitation and would love it if teachers could […]

100 millionth line spoken on EnglishCentral!

EnglishCentral keeps growing by leaps and bounds. As students speak and we gather speech data about 2nd language speakers from  around the world, we become stronger at providing feedback and helping students. Today, we are happy to announce that the 100,000,000th line has been spoken on EnglishCentral.  Yes that is right 100 million! The lucky […]

Featured Video: Get Things Done

We always want to get stuff done but it’s always difficult to get things started. It’s true that there is always tomorrow but why not do something useful today that you will thank your future self for? We have seven days in a week and “someday” isn’t one of them. Make sure that you always […]

Meet Our CEO In Brazil

A .message from our CEO   As the founder of EnglishCentral, I want to thank you personally for being one of our pioneering teachers using EnglishCentral  in Brazil.  Brazil is an exciting new market for us.  To that end, with our partner Faculdade BandTec, we are hosting a Roundtable of our early adopters on Tuesday, January […]

We’d Like To Chat With You

This webinar has now been held and over. See the recording and complete a survey HERE. Thanks! We value our teachers.  It’s been our priority since day 1, beta beginnings.  Our top value has been to reach out and talk with the teachers using our service. I don’t know how many skype calls, phone calls, […]

Featured Video: Dealing with Social Network Addiction

People and groups with shared interests have been more connected than ever with the explosion of social networking sites. These sites allow us to connect with people we have or haven’t met around the world. The biggest and probably most famous of these has to be Facebook. There are currently over 400 million users worldwide, […]

English Central.net, our new North American Distributor

We are proud to announce the new partnership between EnglishCentral and English Central.net. English Central.net will become our new North American distributor and reseller, servicing the North American English language learning, academic market. This builds on recent North American university adoptions of EnglishCentral, among them Arizona State University, Seattle Pacific University, Arkansas State and North Carolina […]

Commitment and language learning and teaching

I have worked with many teachers and students over the years. One fact stands first among many – those who will succeed, those who will be great teachers or students are always those who day in and day out are committed to learning or teaching. They don’t look sideways, they have tunnel vision, a vision […]

My EnglishCentral Experience: Duncan in Hong Kong

I have been excited about students using EnglishCentral since the 1st day I discovered it online. I had been looking for ways for students to upload dialogues online so teachers could listen, critique and comment. Beginnings I began using EnglishCentral with about 60 students to test its performance and functionality and I also wanted to […]