Open English Partners With EnglishCentral

Starting in December, all Open English students will have access

to 400 new videos and speech assessment tools at no extra charge

open english

Miami, FL, December 14, 2012 – Open English, Latin America’s leading online English language school, is proud to announce that the company has joined forces with EnglishCentral, a leading provider of speech assessment software for English language-learning. Through this partnership, Open English will make EnglishCentral’s video content, speech training platform and pronunciation evaluation system available to Open English students to help them achieve English language fluency.

“Thanks to this new partnership, we’re able to offer the most advanced speech technology available for our students,” said Nicolette Moreno, Vice President of Product Development for Open English. “Our priority with this partnership was to provide a valuable new suite of learning tools for all of our students to help them on their path to fluency and to do so at no extra charge to them, and we’re thrilled to be able to work with EnglishCentral to accomplish both goals.”

EnglishCentral’s unique speech assessment technology measures students’ pronunciation against native English speakers and then grades them relative to other speakers of their native tongue. Thanks to this partnership, starting in December, Open English will be able to offer 400 new English videos on a variety of topics and categories housed on an interactive video platform that implements EnglishCentral’s speech assessment technology to evaluate and test their pronunciation, online and in real-time. The new tools also allow students to quickly look up unfamiliar words as they appear in videos, giving them instant access to in-context definitions, pronunciations and sample sentences for unknown words.

The new content will be housed in a new section of the website titled Immersion and will be made available to all active Open English students as part of the company’s broad portfolio of student learning tools – which includes 24/7 live native-English speaking teachers and hundreds of hours of proprietary educational video materials – at no extra charge, starting in December 2012.

“We are thrilled to partner with Open English to introduce EnglishCentral’s video and speech assessment technologies to the Latin American market,” said Alan Schwartz, CEO of EnglishCentral. “Open English is the fastest growing provider of online English teaching in the region and we are delighted to provide their users with an engaging and immersive practice platform.”

“Actively listening to and then imitating native English speakers is vital to improving accent and spoken fluency,” said Nicole Wilson, Academic Director for Open English. “By regularly interacting with EnglishCentral content, students will gain valuable exposure to English’s rhythm and phrasing, which will enable them to make dramatic strides in their pronunciation and overall communicative competence.”


About Open English

Open English is Latin America’s leading online English language school.  Open English was founded in 2006 as a private company seeking to reinvent the English-language learning experience for today’s busy professional by offering them customized 24/7 online-only instruction imparted by native English-speaking teachers.  The company’s 12-month language program is founded on a guarantee of helping students achieve fluency in the English language in a short amount of time. To learn more, please visit

About EnglishCentral

EnglishCentral makes improving English language skills fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences.  EnglishCentral students can choose from thousands of engaging videos, learn words through our interval-based learning system, and then speak and get instant feedback using our proprietary speech assessment technology.  Students from over 100 countries have spoken over 100 million lines through the EnglishCentral platform.  EnglishCentral Inc. is backed by Google Ventures and Atlas Ventures and headquartered in Arlington, Massachusetts. For more information, go to .


Press contacts:

Cristina Bichara

JeffreyGroup, on behalf of Open English

+1 (305) 860-1000 x121

Bernardo Guzman-Blanco

JeffreyGroup, on behalf of Open English

+1 (305) 860-1000 x119

Alan Schwartz

CEO, EnglishCentral

+1 617-999-0711


  1. Congratulations, English Central team!!! Great job! Merry Christmas to you all, you rock, guys! Nina,


  2. Congrtas! Happy New Year 2013.


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