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Building blocks for learning

Building blocks for learning

Learning English on one’s own can be difficult and overwhelming. With all the things that you have to study and do to master the language, it is effectual to have someone help you focus, one skill at a time.

I am Coach Cesca, and I’m here to help you learn English! Let me start by giving a few basic tips for beginners:

  • Start with simple content. Choose materials that have short sentences and common vocabulary. The children’s topic videos at EnglishCentral is a good start. It does not matter how old you are. The goal is to pick up the basic way of communicating, just like how a child does!
  • Practice every day. Just like learning the guitar or training for a sports game, you need to practice every day. For example, when you learn a new word, try using it to describe your day to day experience.
  • Speak it. Learning a language is not just about memorizing words or grammar structures. You have to talk to other people in English, so that you will get comfortable and learn more about it. For starters, record the lines in the videos that you select. A more advanced way is practicing your pronunciation for each sound. Here’s a sample course for mastering the \I\ sound.

Take it step by step. Remember, be patient and be confident!


  1. barry furniss says:

    Why are you not teaching Oxford Dictionary accepted spelling??????? This is confusing to students . Are we teaching ‘American’ or English?????????


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