How was ETA-ROC? A post event wrap-up.

The EnglishCentral team just returned from the 21st Annual ETA-ROC International Symposium and Book Fair on English Teaching at the Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center, Taipei.

This was the first year that EnglishCentral participated in the event and we couldn’t be happier that we attended.  Throughout the event we heard from parents, publishers and teachers that they have been searching and needing a fully online English learning solution.  Not only did they want to learn more about EnglishCentral, they wanted to try it.

Learning English is a top priority for parents in Taiwan so the exhibition at ETA-ROC was the perfect opportunity for parents to find solutions to help their children learn the language. Over the course of 3 days, parents and their children visited EnglishCentral’s table to ask questions and view demos. While there were many highlights to the book fair, our favorite moments were seeing children become really interested in learning English when they got to “Watch”, “Learn” and “Speak” from our Young Learners video collection.

Publishers that attended the ETA-ROC were impressed with EnglishCentral and expressed interest in finding alternate ways for end-users to access EnglishCentral either as a hybrid solution or wholesale to schools and institutes.

In addition the book fair, ETA-ROC hosted a symposium for teachers and publishers. Cagri Gokbayrak, International Marketing Manager at EnglishCentral led a presentation at the conference on the “Power of Authentic Video in Language Education”.  His presentation addressed how authentic videos are a key driver in the success of English learning. After the presentation, both foreign and local Taiwanese teachers, stopped by the EnglishCentral table in the book fair to learn more about EnglishCentral and find out how they can better use EnglishCentral with their students.

The demand for a fully, online English learning solution is on the rise.  Just in the last few months, we have seen an unprecedented demand for EnglishCentral from teachers, students, learners and publishers. It is that demand that drives us to make EnglishCentral the must have tool for learning English.

See you at the conference next year!  Contact us if you have any questions!


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