The Classroom no longer has 4 walls

We are seeing startling transformation in education and EnglishCentral is part of this. The most important “engine” driving change is that of “connectivity”.  Meaning, students no longer need to go through an “expert” to access knowledge and to learn.   The second biggest driver of change is how technology can personalize and differentiate the learning for each student.

Marshall McLuhan media guru once stated: “There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” This is true about how education will work in the future. Classrooms will be student-centered, and learning will not be teacher-dependent. The classroom will be anytime, everywhere. Learning will happen through sharing, interaction and “connectivity” between peers.

One wonderful example of this change is Sweden’s newest school system.  Read what they promise students. Forget the walls, it even has no classrooms!   Students learn at their own pace and study with those of the same level (not age). Teachers are responsible for all students.   This video highlights all the “forwardness” of this new school system.

EnglishCentral is about changing how students learn and teachers teach.  Using the power of “anytime/anywhere” to stir the soup and bring a tastier dish to education.  We’re for opening things up.

The classroom is no longer limited to a space between four walls; it is the connected world. We are all crew and creators of our own learning on this spaceship Earth.


  1. This is indeed a wonderful innovation…that can truly solve the problem of classroom shortage.


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