KOTESOL International Conference 2012 – Wrap Up

As EnglishCentral followers, many of you are familiar with the KOTESOL International Conference.  However, for those of you new to the show it is held annually and brings together teachers from Korea to explore better ways to understand and improve English language teaching and learning. This year’s event took place at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul on October 20 – 21, 2012.

Why is KOTESOL important to us?  The KOTESOL Conference is a widely respected event that enabled us to reach large audiences of teachers and administrators in Korea who are tasked with teaching English. By exhibiting at KOTESOL, we were able to highlight EnglishCentral’s core capabilities. We successfully demonstrated the strength of EnglishCentral as a totally new way for learning and speaking English. We communicated to teachers and administrators the “watch, learn, speak” activities that make EnglishCentral a leading resource for teachers in their classrooms.

The conference exhibition also allowed us to interact closely with prospective teachers and school administrators. Our booth saw steady traffic over the course of the conference.  In addition to our marketing materials, we held a live presentation by Sara Davila, an experienced educator teaching EFL in Korea.  Her presentation attracted many visitors to the EnglishCentral booth who stayed after the presentation to gather more information on the value and need for EnglishCentral in the classroom.

We have seen an unprecedented demand for online solutions over the past several months.  Teachers worldwide are looking to find ways to deliver and integrate innovative and useful services to the classroom. And administrators are increasingly concerned about providing a better user experience.  This is great news for EnglishCentral because this is exactly what we are passionate about!

For additional information on EnglishCentral, please contact Cagri Gokbayrak. See you at the conference next year!

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