A Practice Field For English

Learning a language isn’t easy! It takes a lot of time, a lot of study. Fortunately, the payoff is huge. A new world awaits anyone who crosses the border into the land of another language.

We at EnglishCentral have a powerful tool which we explain to teachers, offers many great advantages to them and their students. In my own talks with teachers about EnglishCentral, I’m often asked what it does best. If there is time, I talk about a number of things:

  • Gives students focused pronunciation feedback / practice
  • Provides motivating, always current video content and context. Invaluable comprehensible input.
  • Supports teachers and students in vocabulary building, showing in context examples
  • Online, 27/7 access for students – a full LMS to manage students and assign curriculum
  • An active learning tool. Students speak, are engaged with the platform.

However, if I only have a minute or so – I relate the most important aspect of EnglishCentral. We are a

Yes, it is that simple. Language is sport (and here is a good post on this subject). It is a skill where the teacher is the coach. A teacher instructs in the art of language and the student needs to spend much more time practicing, repeating, internalizing and making subconscious, language response and recall. So in essence EnglishCentral is a practice field.

Yes, we are a place where students can “play” at language. They can test themselves, can try out things, can put in the time needed to be great “language players”. As the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect”.

There will never be any replacing of teachers. They provide all the perfect modeling and practicing of the social aspects of language. However, teachers realize there are only so many class hours in a week – students need much more English language practice than can be given in a classroom.

So let your students play on the practice field of EnglishCentral. They’ll be well prepared for game day – reality and using language in the real world!

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