Learning Words On EnglishCentral

We get asked often about the best way to learn vocabulary using EnglishCentral. We have many options for both students and teachers.

This screencast shows the 3 main ways:

1.  By looking up a word or expression and using a “cliplist” of example video sentences showing the word in use.

2. By study in a quiz, in both a video lesson or a course.  Quiz questions are all video based and show the word used in a context.

3. By study in a vocabulary course, specialized “word” courses where students study lists of words (for example the Academic Word List).

But really using and studying any video lesson on EnglishCentral exposes students to great contextualized vocabulary. So you really can’t go wrong when using EnglishCentral for vocabulary study – we are the world’s premiere video corpus with over 20,000 words in our video “dictionary”.

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