Teachers’ Roundtable At Kotesol

EnglishCentral will be sponsoring a teachers’ roundtable at the Kotesol 2012 International conference in Seoul, Korea.  The topic under discussion is: Using Video in the Classroom.  Sunday, Oct. 21st at 3pm. Room B 168. Complete info. below.

There will be some excellent teachers on the panel so please come and add your voice to the discussion. Lots of issues including the how, what, when and why…..  As a handy reference, use our ebook on the topic – lots of great ideas….


Sun 21st 3:00~3:50pm     Rm. B 168

Moderator: Alan Schwartz

Teacher Round Table: Using Authentic Video in and Outside the Classroom

EnglishCentral (www.englishcentral.com) has the largest library of videos for language learning on the

Internet. Each video in the library is leveled for “graded listening” and each video allows for interactive speaking practice.

In this session, teachers who are actively using EnglishCentral will discuss the most effective techniques they employ to use video in and outside the outside the classroom.

Specific examples of the most effective videos for building comprehension and speaking practice will be

given. Be prepared to laugh and enjoy more than a few videos.

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