Blended Learning Solutions

Our main emphasis here at EnglishCentral is the use of our platform as a “blended” solution.  We aren’t replacing teachers but helping teachers have the tools and environment to better help their students learn English. We are partners.

Blended learning is the future. It is often misunderstood but in its simplest form, it is using online tools to supplement the classroom learning experience.  Face to face learning combined with self-study.  And it works.  This meta analysis by the US Dept. of Education is just one of many major reports showing major increases in student achievement with blended learning compared to traditional classroom learning. This infographic has some nice comparisons between traditional programs and those with a blended learning approach.

Learning English takes much more time than any student can spend in a classroom.  Schools and teachers know that. EnglishCentral acts as a place where students can spend time practicing “the skill” that is speaking/listening in English. The classroom can be the time to work on the social facets of English. A time to fine tune and explain. A time to help students face to face.  But EnglishCentral empowers students with input and output – time on task, that a classroom can’t.

This presentation is great and clearly provides an example of how blended learning works. It’s about a blended solution for a company (bank) but works the same for a school.  Shows how EnglishCentral might fit into this model.

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