Make Your Own Custom Course On EnglishCentral

We have a large and growing catalog of courses on EnglishCentral. Structured, designed by expert curriculum developers. However, we know that teachers on the ground know their students best. Know their needs, their interests and what will work in their own classrooms.

That’s why we are offering schools and teachers who’d like to make their own custom course, the possibility to do so. It’s a simple process and we’ll package your course privately, for only your students and with your own logo. That’s what is cool about technology, that we can customize and personalize.

How to design your own EnglishCentral course.  (Download The Guide)

1. First check out our courses and how they are structured. Usually 10 units with each unit having 4 or 5 videos. Each video has 5 vocabulary words selected for study and which go into the quiz at the end of each unit. Each video also has key learning points (2) detailing the main objectives for study.

2. Download the excel template. In the template you’ll detail the contents of your course. Course Curriculum Template

3. Browse EnglishCentral video lessons. Discuss with colleagues what videos would really work. Do a needs analysis and even ask your own students what they’d like in a course. Get dirty and build!

4. Send us your completed course. We’ll look it over, maybe make some suggestions and get it built and available for your students. It’s that easy!

We hope teachers and schools will take this opportunity to work together with us and make for a perfectly tailored EnglishCentral video lesson learning experience.

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