The most popular video lessons for studying English

Ever wonder what are the most popular video lessons on EnglishCentral?  We’ll wonder no more. Here’s a list of the top 10 in terms of all time views.

Note, some recent videos are very popular but have had less time to get students studying them! So they don’t appear high on the list. Can you recommend a video for others to study or teachers to use in their classroom?

Our Top 10 studied video lessons 

1.  Pronouncing the /l/ sound.      (37,682 views)

– a big surprise but maybe not so much – we started out in Asia and this is a difficult phoneme for many Asians.

2. The Purpose Of Getting Good Grades In School

–  must be that it is a cartoon?  Or maybe teachers love this message!

3. Paris Hilton Meets Lady Gaga

–  no doubt star power at work. Plus Lady Gaga has simple language that is easy to understand. Plus, she’s fun!

4. Do You Speak English? 

– an all time favorite of so many because its humor translates across languages. Everyone will laugh.

5. Steve Jobs. What Is Truly Important.

– I’m surprised this isn’t higher. A classic and immortal message.

6. The Secret Garden

– hmmm, I’m surprised. But this was my favorite book as a youngster so much be familiar to many.

7. Forming the /I/ sound.  

–  wow, another pronunciation video in the top 10. But we are pronunciation experts!

8. The Devil Wears Prada

– star power here and a very popular movie pushed this one up the rankings…

9. Introductions: Meet My Friend

– simple video to show greetings. Very useful with beginners.

10. Steve Jobs:  Rules For Success

–  2 videos in the top 10. Yes, Jobs was a big success in everything.


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