“Personal” language learning online

This video highlights several problems with language learning today.  Most importantly that the way most classes are taught online or off is just too damn impersonal, the learner is lost in the crowd and becomes just one among many.

Language learning to be effective must be very personal and related to the needs, interests, background and daily life of the student. It must tune in to the student’s world with motivating content and an experience that leaves the learner feeling like a somebody.  That’s why we at EnglishCentral get you video lessons you are very interested in. That’s why we let you study where and when you are able. That’s why we give you immediate personal feedback about your pronunciation and vocabulary accuracy. We keep it personal.

Of course, you’ll need a teacher somewhere along the way. A teacher that can “make it real” and bring you out of the practice arena that EnglishCentral offers. But you don’t need to be someone lost in the crowd!


  1. Taiwanese says:

    “VOA 60 WORLD: India Celebrates Its 65th Independence Anniversary (16 Aug 12)
    (Part 7 of 10)”:”In China, demonstrators in Beijing and Taipei protest…” Taipei is NOT in China! If possible, please correct it right away! Thank you for your attention!
    TAIWAN(ROC) is an independent country!


  2. Taiwanese says:

    Thank you for your response!
    Though I’m just a fourteen-year-old student with so-so English, I still endeavor to strive for justice for Taiwan whether in the US or everywhere in the world.
    We’ve been colonized for hundreds of years, and we are eager to establish our own country. However, we couldn’t succeed at all because of the pressure from PRC. Almost every country in the world considers Taiwan as a province or a territory or even “unsure”.
    Chinese government and KMT(governing party of Taiwan now; originally from China and was forced to escape to Taiwan in about 1945~1947) tell lies about the Treaty of Shimonoseki (or the Treaty of Maguan) which was made for ending the First Sino-Japanese War. The treaty had clearly stated that Taiwan, Penghu and other several places are “permanently ceded” to Japan.(original article:Articles 2 & 3: China cedes to Japan in perpetuity and full sovereignty of the Penghu group, Taiwan and the eastern portion of the bay of Liaodong Peninsula together with all fortifications, arsenals and public property.) But PRC and KMT deceived Taiwanese into believing that Taiwan is legitimate a part of China after Japan declared to give up all of its colonies in WWII. Nevertheless, Japan did not give any of the colony to any country. PRC and KMT said that “Taiwan is finally back to the warmth and hug of China”. Actually, nobody owned Taiwan at that time. KMT came to Taiwan by accident because of losing in the war with Communist. What a great lie that most of the Taiwanese still believe!
    Sorry for typing so many words on your blog. I just want to express my opinion and “tell the truth”.
    Besides, I’m very grateful that you made a free website for English learners. I learn a lot from here!


  3. Sometimes all it takes to start learning a language is the feeling of being unique. A good teacher might be able to guide you, however learning on your own and using your own techniques just makes you feel that you are doing something that not everyone else in the class is doing. You don’t have to compare yourself or your homework with others, because there’s only you doing it…it’s your game and your going to win it. The feeling of learning a skill using your own efforts can give you that extra boost of motivation you need to succeed.
    What teachers often don’t do is show the students the benefits of the skills they are about to learn. This will further motivate students by giving them a reason to learn.
    See: http://www.language-united.com/learning-a-foreign-language.html


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