New Pronunciation and Vocabulary Courses!

EnglishCentral helps learners build their vocabulary and focus on improving their English pronunciation. Now, we’ve made it even better!

Our new Pronunciation courses are professionally designed to match the needs of the learners specific mother tongue.  Speakers of Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Turk will get custom courses focused on the challenges related to their specific first language.

Complete all the activities in each unit which includes:

  • An intro. video on how to produce the sound and practice
  • An example of how the sound is articulated, how it is physically produced.
  • 3 practice video lessons where the learner watches and speaks examples of the sound in the initial, mid and final position
  • A progress chart showing the student’s progress producing the sound (after they have recorded enough lines for us to get data)

Our new Vocabulary courses offer practice with Business vocabulary and the AWL (Academic Word List. As well, build your knowledge of the top 50 idioms and expressions on EnglishCentral.  These courses provide students with highly contextualized examples of the words to Watch | Learn and Speak. Then, they test their knowledge with our patented Quiz tool.

We hope you enjoy these new courses and come back often as we will be adding more specific vocabulary and pronunciation courses to help learners around the world.

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