How Do I Learn English?

I get asked all the time, “What’s the best way to learn English?”. Usually by frustrated learners, so many of them! I’ve learned that without knowing the person well, I have to be quite general in my response. However, it always comes down to a version of, “Love and do what one will” (to quote cryptically from St. Augustine).

What I mean is that motivation is primary to language learning. It takes a lot of time, hours, blood, sweat and tears to learn a language. There is no “language pill” nor can you get surgery or be hypnotized (and seriously, these have all been tried). To get right to the point – you must learn with love, love in its original definition and usage, that of “passion”. If you ask a successful language learner how they do it, they won’t be able to tell you. Why? Because they just do it, they never tire, they “love” what they are doing.

So how to be passionate and learn “with heart”? Well, I’m biased and I’ll say EnglishCentral. We offer you a wide variety of material, video lessons you WANT to study. This is our engine, our method. But it could be a lot of other things too – video games, books, sitcoms, hobbies and interests (in English).

What you have to do is dive in but at the same time look around, be aware. It is a balance and we at EnglishCentral are providing you with the tools to both sit back and get the big picture and also zoom in and notice, “see” language.

So – dive in and start studying the things you love. You’ll make progress and also learn other things above and beyond English. Here’s a nice infographic outlining some of the ways students say they learn English best. Very revealing!


  1. […] これにはいくつか理由があります。その一つに、学習や練習の時間を見つけたり、自分の学習方法に自信を持って継続することが難しいということ。そして、私が年を取り過ぎているのでないかということです。第二言語の学習の適齢期を逃したので、あきらめて自分の限界を受け入れるべきではないか、と。 […]


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