Recent Changes On EnglishCentral

If you’ve recently visited EnglishCentral, you’ll note we’ve made a few changes that will improve the user experience for both learners/students and teachers. Let’s take a look at these and please make a comment here if you have any questions or Contact Us about your concerns/inquiry.

1. A new Video Lesson Browse page

Yes, now start browsing with more specific categories available for your review. Chose the specific category after getting a good look at the video lessons that are there. We think this will make it quicker for you to find what you need for study.

2. Pay Per View Video Lessons

This is only for learners (members not studying in a class). You’ll be able to purchase / video lesson individually for studying and improving your English through our unique video player and learning system. This gives members more flexibility to get the content that they need. Of course – there is a wide variety of Free video lessons available to all. And further, you can always gain access to our whole site of video lessons and courses by purchasing Premium (purchase on your account page).

3. Focused Speaking or Speaking the Whole video

You now can SPEAK only the lines you LEARNED with our Focused Speaking mode. This allows you to speak only the lines you have studied in LEARN mode. Click the settings in the player and uncheck Focused Speaking if you want to speak the whole video.

4. New Starter Courses

We have changed the starter courses and present more attractive and structured examples for what you will get in a regular full course. Check them out HERE.

5. Academic Pricing for Schools

We are now offering up to 70% discount/student on our regular student seat pricing. Please contact us for details but it provides your students will full Premium access to all our features and you can add one full course to your class page for students to study. Of course, this includes full access to our full LMS (Learning Management System) – Teacher Tools where you get student reports, a class page and can manage students / set curriculum.

6. Teachers Are Special!

Yes, we value our teachers. All teachers with at least one Premium student are automatically upgraded to Premium. Study with your students and have full access to EnglishCentral! Read more here.

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