Setting Goals for your students

We really encourage teachers to set goals for their students. It can really motivate them to study and also teachers can track student goal achievement by week or month in the Reports (using the Overall Grade Report). We recommend the following goals / week.

We’ve improved our goal setting this week by allowing teachers to decide if the set goals apply to:

1. Only to Videos and courses the teacher puts on the class page
– so students must study from the class page inorder to meet the goals

2. All videos and courses on EnglishCentral
– so doesn’t matter, anything the student studies will contribute to meeting class goals. With this, teachers
recommend videos/courses on the class page but students can do other things but still meet class goals.

Here’s how it looks in the Teacher Tools. We hope this will make our teacher’s lives simpler and help you set up your classes as you wish.


  1. “make our teacher’s lives simpler”
    Do you only have one teacher?


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