EnglishCentral in Brazil: We need your feedback

EnglishCentral is very proud of our Brazilian teacher base. We’re always amazed by their enthusiasm, creativity and positive adoption of the powerful role technology can play in the classroom.

We will be coming to Brazil TESOL and would like to take the opportunity to meet our teachers in Brazil and hear from the teachers there. To that end, if you can attend, the drinks are on us!  Event details for both Rio and Sao Paulo HERE or below in the message from our CEO.

If you can’t attend – no problem but it would be great if you can fill out this quick survey and help us build EnglishCentral into something great for the Brazilian teaching environment.


Dear teacher in Brazil,

As the founder of EnglishCentral, I want to thank you personally for being one of our pioneering teachers using EnglishCentral (www.englishcentral.com) in Brazil.

Brazil is an exciting new market for us. I’d really like meet you and hear about your experience with EnglishCentral from the Brazilian perspective.

To that end, I’m hosting a roundtable of our early adopters on Tuesday, July 17th at 8pm in Rio.  It will be an informal event over cocktails at a location near Faculdade CCAA, the venue for the Braz-TESOL National Convention in Rio. RSVP HERE

I would also like to host a similar gathering in Sao Paulo on Thursday July 19th, at 8pm, for those not attending the Convention in Rio. RSVP HERE

Also, feel free to email me directly at alan@englishcentral.com with any questions. Please feel free to bring along other colleagues.

I hope to see you in Brazil.

Alan Schwartz
Founder, EnglishCentral, Inc.

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