We Support Teachers

Do you know that all teachers with at least 1 Premium student are automatically upgraded to Premium? Yep, that’s right. We support and value teachers – many of our staff have been teachers and we’ve built EnglishCentral with our ear to the ground, listening to the needs of teachers in English language classrooms around the […]

Setting Goals for your students

We really encourage teachers to set goals for their students. It can really motivate them to study and also teachers can track student goal achievement by week or month in the Reports (using the Overall Grade Report). We recommend the following goals / week. We’ve improved our goal setting this week by allowing teachers to […]

New “Starter” Courses!

Our starter courses are meant to give learners a taste of what the whole course experience would be like.  They are free and just select one and go to your My English page to get started studying (or if a student in a class, try one your teacher has selected for you on your class […]

Changes to SPEAK – now with “Focused Speaking”

We are constantly trying to improve the user experience on EnglishCentral. It is a challenge. To balance the need to motivate learners and keep them engaged with the need for sound pedagogic features so learners can learn English effectively and purposefully.   We’ve done that with a new feature, Focused Speaking we are calling it. […]

Getting Ready For A Job Interview

The top reason learners here on EnglishCentral join up is to learn English to get a job. It’s a fact of life, more and more employers are demanding English fluency in their workplace (and see this video – Learn English Or Retire –  for an example) and even going so far as holding interviews in […]

EnglishCentral in Brazil: We need your feedback

EnglishCentral is very proud of our Brazilian teacher base. We’re always amazed by their enthusiasm, creativity and positive adoption of the powerful role technology can play in the classroom. We will be coming to Brazil TESOL and would like to take the opportunity to meet our teachers in Brazil and hear from the teachers there. […]

2 New Courses: Sports & Celebrities

Every teacher knows there are two topics students (especially teens) love – Pop Culture and Sports Heroes. People love people and students love their celebrities. So many around the world study English by watching their favorite movie stars or following their favorite athletes. Now, we’ve added the power of EnglishCentral to that experience! Learn English […]

What’s Your Learning Style?

Your learning style will tell you a lot about how you should study. Here outlined are the basic 4 types (known as VARK): Visual Auditory Reading & Writing Kinestetic More and more, learners are becoming “Digital” and enjoying learning through their eyes/ears  and fully across the many styles. Multi-modal learning. So don’t think you are […]

VUS TESOL in Vietnam

Join EnglishCentral on July 14th at the Seventh Annual VUS TESOL Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. EnglishCentral will be at the 7th Annual VUS TESOL Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on July 14th. We have partnered with ELT publisher, e-future, to offer a new blended program for language schools and universities. […]

Extensive Watching

The last few years, we’ve witnessed the exponential rise of video being used in the classroom. This previous post describes and outlines the reasons for the ascendancy of video. We are now a video, not a text based society. Lately, I’ve had a number of interesting conversations with teachers thinking of adopting video as their […]