502,000 Points in One Semester!

Ji Hyun Jeong just did something amazing. In one semester she accumulated 502,000 points watching and speaking videos at EnglishCentral.com. That’s more than 700 videos watched and spoken! Pretty cool, heh?

Ji Hyun studies at Chosun University in Korea. Last semester her professor, Julien McNulty, introduced her to EnglishCentral.

Julien starts his students off slow. He first just asks students to register for the site. Then he adds them to his class and has them watch a few videos. By midterm time they’re watching several videos a week. After that he has them start using the vocabulary quizzes and pronunciation section.

Julien says it’s something they can all do regardless of their level. His students reply that it’s a “cunning” way to get them studying English. They gradually start studying more and feeling the effects of the website.

His star student, Ji Hyun, agrees. EnglishCentral’s various videos fascinated her. It was especially true of the TED Videos. She said that in these videos she could meet celebrities directly, know how to live, and learn about the key points of success.

So, congratulations to Ji Hyun! We hope all students can be as successful as she’s been.

Do you have a student success story? Leave a comment here below or send us a short note about him/her – teachers@englishcentral.com  We’ll be sure to publish the story and do a follow up, we’ll be excited to hear from all our learners and teachers.

Julien, Ji Hyun’s teacher

Interested in seeing how you compare? Check out our rankings page.


  1. Congratulations to Ji Hyun. I hope I will able to speak English more successful like you. Thanks Englishcentral.com


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