Teaching Public Speaking

One very powerful way to improve student’s speaking ability is to get them doing some public speaking or giving presentations. It really will boost their confidence and get them studying some valuable phrases and expressions for communicating effectively.

We’ve recently launched an academic oriented presentations course. It will prepare students for university lectures in English but also will teach them valuable ways to effectively communicate information.  Lesson units include:

  • Organizing your material
  • Providing Details
  • Using Visual Aids
  • Hypothesizing
  • Providing Examples and Support
Check out the full course.  Also, here’s a nice handout template for getting students to write out and then practice a presentation.  presentationCloze    Happy presenting!


  1. Absolutely agree – the only way to improve public speaking is by actually doing it. One word of warning though: take it slow by working up the level of exposure. Start with raising your opinion with friends and family, then maybe in class or a small group. Don’t jump straight on stage in front of an audience of a 1,000 – not good for your confidence.


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