LEARN mode added to our video player

During the next week, you’ll see a little change to our video player. We will be adding a “LEARN” component to the player and truly making Watch | Learn | Speak come alive!  All LEARN progress will be credited to videos already done by students when the LEARN mode becomes active.

Here’s an advance look at what it’ll be like. We are also going to be updating the video detail page to a much cleaner, more presentable look. All in all, we are sure you’ll find the new experience on EnglishCentral stellar.

1. LEARN begins with a screen, just like for WATCH and SPEAK. It shows the words that students will study and also what to do.

2. When students are studying in the LEARN mode, they type in the words they hear. Like a regular listening cloze activity. They can go back and do any lines at any time. However, they have to do all the lines, the whole mode, inorder to get full credit. Their score/percentage will be shown at the top of the player.

Here’s a short video tutorial showing LEARN in action. Also, see below a preview of how our new video detail page will look like.

Last thing to note – we’ll be rolling this out first for all the videos that are in our courses. The quiz will remain a part of a course and students will still have to study the meaning of these words in the Quiz section. (actually, the words they learn in each video will be the same as those in the Quiz, so the learning will be really focused).

The new Video Detail Page


  1. Great! I am waiting for that.


  2. I´m waiting for that too! My students love to speak and learn with the videos!


    • We’ll be launching this soon – I agree, very valuable tool for students. When we add KNOW and comprehension questions to the videos this summer – we’ll be all ready for the school year start in Sept.


  3. ibrahim says:



    • Yes, it works great and we are refining both the way we show you the LEARN words in the player and how we ask you to speak these same words in the player. We’ll be launching a “SPEAK light” option soon where you have the option to only speak the lines of video with the words you Learned.

      We had a planning glitch and LEARN won’t actually be available until Thursday. But it’ll be well worth the wait. Promise! Or take a course to get them right now…..


  4. I think it’s a great way to enhace the learning experience!!!


  5. Iu maitili says:

    I like


  6. Pretty good effort..Good on you guys


  7. cinnabar6 says:

    Yes, the latest changes really look like a great enhancement, thank you a lot.
    But is it right that only “speak light” mode is obviously available at the moment? Will the “speak full” option return? I hope very much for that… :=)


  8. ance siadari says:

    nice news guys, I like it.


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