Being Bilingual

EnglishCentral really wants to cheerlead those wishing to become bilingual. And especially the parents ensuring their children will grow up bilingual. The benefits are so many. these include;

  • increased job opportunity and career earnings
  • better school and college performance
  • a wider social circle and awareness
  • increased cognitive ability (which continues into old age)
  • more empathetic personality and awareness of other cultures

The old myths concerning bilingualism are eroding. We know that those who learn a second language even comparatively late, do not suffer long term delays problems with school achievement and in fact, even achieve a better level of literacy in their L1 because of their learning a second language.  Our brain can distinguish well between languages and sound systems without a negative impact. Further, America once thought to be a bastion of the monolingual, is no longer such.

So we applaud our  bilingual members. Keep it up! We’ll support you along the way.

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