Study Vocabulary with a cliplist

Are you struggling to build a powerful vocabulary? Need to succeed at TOEIC or TOEFL? Want a powerful tool for teaching vocabulary that shows the variety of actual use and context of the word?

Look no further – use the Vocabulary cliplist for a word on EnglishCentral. A cliplist is a series of lines of video that show a word, expression, idiom in use. Students get exposed to the many ways the word is used in normal communication and also gain valuable “functional” insight into the word and the English language.

It is easy to access. Just go to Vocabulary, choose a category and then select a word to study by clicking the video icon. Or search for a word on our search page and do the same. You’ll get a whole cliplist of that word in use which can be both watched and spoken.

Here’s a brief screencast showing you how to do all this. Good luck studying and teaching using this powerful tool – our video corpus!

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