EnglishCentral isn’t just for learning “English”

We are always surprised (and delighted) to hear from members using EnglishCentral in ways other than to learn English. It goes to show that good technology, smart ideas reach much further than their first purpose. Here are a few other ways others are using EnglishCentral as a study tool.

1. As a way to improve speech and a speech therapy tool. Speech pathologists, the deaf community and others use EnglishCentral as the perfect technology to help them overcome speech impediments. Stutterers too (and here is an interesting NY Times Review of Books article on this subject).

2. Public Speaking. Student record and gain valuable confidence in pausing correctly and imitating some of the world’s greatest public speakers. See our Famous Speeches course for some example videos.

3. Vocabulary building. In general education, many students fall behind not because they aren’t intelligent or capable but because they haven’t acquired the vocabulary needed to succeed in school. EnglishCentral gives students the opportunity to build their academic vocabulary through our special quiz application and learning the words in the context of the video. For example, see this list of words for studying about politics (level 6)

We know there are many other ways EnglishCentral is being used to help students around the world. If you use it in a unique fashion, we’d love to hear from you!

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