Study Vocabulary with a cliplist

Are you struggling to build a powerful vocabulary? Need to succeed at TOEIC or TOEFL? Want a powerful tool for teaching vocabulary that shows the variety of actual use and context of the word? Look no further – use the Vocabulary cliplist for a word on EnglishCentral. A cliplist is a series of lines of […]

Your Account Page

Your account page is where you go to control all your settings on EnglishCentral. In one handy place you can: 1. Change your name/password and profile photo 2. Control email contact by EnglishCentral 3. Become “invisible’ on our public rankings 4. Change your vocabulary/video language level 5. Upgrade your account to that of a teacher […]

EnglishCentral isn’t just for learning “English”

We are always surprised (and delighted) to hear from members using EnglishCentral in ways other than to learn English. It goes to show that good technology, smart ideas reach much further than their first purpose. Here are a few other ways others are using EnglishCentral as a study tool. 1. As a way to improve […]