Our Formula For Success

We get asked a lot – “What is the best way to learn English on EnglishCentral?” There isn’t any one true answer, we are all made of different stuff. However, there are a few things we recommend and which will certainly work.

1. Watch what you are interested in and enjoy.

This is key. Language study takes time and you should be enjoying what you are doing. I don’t mean that you have to be happy happy! Enjoying can be just really being engaged and interested in the video content. Our wide variety of educationally focused videos make sure this will happen. Teachers, while we respect you will want to choose videos for students, also know you can just let them “go freestyle” and select what interests them.

2. Consistency. Our special formula.

In our market testing, we can say without a doubt that if students Watch 5 videos a week, Learn 50 words a week and Speak 5 videos a week, they will make significant progress. This can be in terms of fluency or in terms of their TOEFL/TOEIC scores. But it has to be week in and week out. That’s why our vocabulary mastering system is based on time spacing, learning the same word but at different times, not just one time.

3. Share and Extend what you study.

Like the old saying goes, “use it or lose it”.  Meaning, you should discuss the videos you watch with your classmates, study them in class also. Use the videos as a starting point for using that language in the real world with teachers, classmates, skypemates or whoever you can find as an English chat partner.

That’s it in a nutshell, 3 basic tips to get you learning English like a Jedi Master!

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