TESOL 2012 – Philadelphia

EnglishCentral will be attending TESOL 2012, March 29th to 31st

Looking forward to lots of discussion surrounding ELT and of course, meeting all the teachers using EnglishCentral in their classrooms.

If you are attending, this is a perfect time to sit down with us and let us show you around EnglishCentral. Or just talk shop. Please just introduce yourself at our booth or even better, select TESOL 2012 from our calendar and book a time that suits you.

We look forward to hearing from you as we build EnglishCentral!



  1. Contacto Costa Rica says:

    There is no doubt EnglishCentral is a life saver. My teaching team and I personally suggest our students to use it as part of their communicative skills development. 

    Thank you English Central.

           Joe Montoya


    • Hi Joe,

      Thank you! It takes teachers like you and your staff to realize how different we really are.

      Greetings to all your staff and teachers. Hope to here more from you and how you use EnglishCentral!



  2. Jackpourya says:

    In my idea this site is very useful and i suggest our colleagues and students to use it specially in order to increase their listening and speaking skills.


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