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One of the most pleasurable things about writing this blog or building EnglishCentral is the fact that we get to interact with teachers and learners around the world. In those conversations, it is always uplifting to hear both all the positive things that people feel about EnglishCentral and also their ideas for improvement. It really keeps us going and inspires us.

Thank you to many recent students and teachers who sent us testimonials. It is an honor to help you and to build community and a place which really works for learners and teachers.

One person I’d like to highlight is Nina, a teacher who runs a school in Brno, the Czech Republic. She’s been a big supporter of EnglishCentral and she recently made a terrific blog post about what she thinks about us. Please take a look and let others know about her blog and online sharing. She does a brillant job. In addition to writing and video blogging about EnglishCentral, Nina took the time to post up some of what her students have to say about EnglishCentral. I’ve included these below.

Thank you Nina and thank you other teachers around the world, for joining the video teaching revolution! See many previous testimonials on this page.

„English Central is a perfect website where you can learn a lot. Primarily it is for learning English but I learn there much more. There are interesting videos about amazing people, fashion, cooking and whatever you want to watch. After watching a video you can record yourself, learn new vocabulary or test yourself. The videos can be watched with or without English subtitles and you can choose from three levels – easy, medium and hard.“ (Kristýna Stehnová, Czech Republic)

„You don´t have to be afraid about mistakes, which you have done during recording. Because nobody else can hear you, perfect for shy and introvert students. And if you are doing it carefully and compare your speech and try to improve your mistakes, it really works. Also, you can build up your vocabulary and find some useful phrases in videos. And when you feel better, you can go out and practise your English in real life.“ (Tereza Seifertová, Czech Republic)

„I have to confess that listening is my biggest problem with English. When I have to speak, it depends on me,I mean, I have to decide what words I want to use for saying the things that I have to say; but when I have to understand the things that other people are saying to me, it depends on the speed of them, and I have no control. I know that movies would be a great instrument for improve my listening comprehension, but a movie is too long for me, so the shorter videos are ideal for that purpose. The great thing with English Central is the vast variety of videos, the ability to slow down the speed, to register your voice and verify your pronounciation. There is also a good tool to learn new words using the videos that you have been watching; and all those things make EC one of the most useful instrument for my improvement in English.“ (Lorenzo Scontrino, Italy)

„I really love practising my English on English Central, I always spend so much time there by listening and speaking the videos which I am interested in! Since I’ve been practising my pronunciation there I became more fluent and I found out how to pronounce specific sounds, which I wasn’t confident in.“ (Kristýna Kocourková, Czech Republic)

„I use EnglishCentral.com for practising English at least three days of the week. It is an essential part of our course „Kurz zážitkové angličtiny„. I like watching a video and after that practising English by speaking. Immediately I can hear and see my mistakes. You can choose video with the topic which you love or you are interested in. Learning is easier with the funny videos! It´s useful to practise some vocabulary or pronunciation there. For example if you learn vocabulary, you can use quiz with the unknown words.“ (Renata Poláchová, Czech Republic)

„I´ve been using English Central only just for several weeks, yet I consider this source very useful for people who study English. I like the possibility to choose my level and even change it when I feel I chose too easy or too hard one. What I mostly appreciate and what I think makes EC unique is the possibility of recording myself while speaking and learn from my mistakes. Also studying of the vocab is made in a nice, useful way (by giving more examples of the words in other vids).“ (Lenka Hrozková, Czech Republic)

„I think that the English Central page is the best page for me because I am still afraid of speaking with other people…. I love doing videos on this page. I think that is the best way how to improve speaking skills – mainly English pronunciation. It makes me happy if I can do the video with a lot of points. I appreciate that I can see which word makes me problem with pronunciation and the possibility to hear my recorded sentences. I think that there are so many kinds of videos that everybody can choose what she/he wants to do. I love the group of videos called – See Britain through my eyes. They are about different people – foreigners, who live and work in UK. These people are telling a story about their life, their experiences and success. It is very interesting for me.“ (Iveta Pernicová, Czech Republic)

„English Central is the best way to learn English. I´ve never seen anything like this. If your pronunciation is not very good, they´ll reveal your weaknesses and they´ll teach you how to pronounce correctly. If you don´t understand the words, they´ll explain it to you in the short sentences and through helpful videos. Then there is an opportunity to take a quiz, so every word will be engraved in your memory. If it´s too difficult for you, you can choose lower level. And the best of all is, that you can see your progress, what stimulates you to further work on your English.“ (Monika Kubánová, Slovakia)


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