Learning Vocabulary on EnglishCentral

What makes studying vocabulary on EnglishCentral unique is our video-based corpus.   Each word in every EnglishCentral video is tagged with its in-context meaning, and supported with multiple video clips of the word used in context.   This means we have over 200,000 video examples supporting the more than 30,000 words in the EnglishCentral dictionary.

Learners are exposed to and can learn vocabulary in multiple ways on EnglishCentral:

Watch Mode

In Watch Mode, learners can click on any word they don’t know in the transcript  of the video and immediately access an in-context definition of the word.    This allows learners to quickly understand the word in context, without having to parse through a dictionary entry.  For instance, if a user clicks on the word BANK they immediately know if its in context meaning is BANK, “the side of a river”;  versus BANK, “a financial institution.” 

In addition,  for each video lesson our editors have chosen 3 to 5 Featured Words, which are the key words at the level of the video and necessary to understand the video.   These words are highlighted in Watch Mode.

Our system is constantly learning which words learners don’t know by what they click on in the video transcript.   Any word the user clicks on is automatically selected as a study word for the Learn and Speak modes that follow:

Learn Mode

In Learn Mode,  our adaptive learning system builds a vocabulary learning exercise based on:

  • any word the user clicked on in a transcript of a video, plus
  • any additional word they select from the Learn Mode start screen. The Learn Mode start screen shows all the words and phrases from the video broken into 7 levels based on the EnglishCentral Leveling System.

In Learn Mode,  learners select the words to study based on words they don’t know.  

However, in certain videos or courses such as grammar or pronunciation, Featured Words are “locked” in Learn Mode which means that the learner must study them to complete the activity.

Speak Mode

In Speak Mode, learners practice speaking in context  the the word and phrases selected in Learn Mode.  Our IntelliSpeech assessment system provides instant feedback on how the learner speaks the word or phrase in the context of the line from the video.     EnglishCentral focus on encouraging learners to repeat the lines in context is key to building long term productive use of vocabulary.

My Words

My Words is the core of the vocabulary learning system on EnglishCentral.   Learners can study words on MyWords based on:

  • Words from Videos.   All words learned (correctly or incorrectly) in Learn Mode are automatically added to MyWords
  • Favorited Words.  Words learners favorite be automatically added to MyWords.
  • Vocab Courses.  The words from any courses the user adds to their MyEnglish page will show as a vocab list on MyWords.

If a learners clicks on any word in the MyWords screen they get a full listing of all words related to the headword on MyWords page.    Each list contains a cliplist of the content specific use of the word in a series of videos.  Learner can practice speaking the word in different context by clicking on the cliplist.

Learners can test their knowledge of meaning of words by taking the Quiz on MyWords.   The Quiz users the line from the video as a means to emphasize context.

A time interval learning system tracks progress and also presents users with the words that are most ripe for study.


Additionally, learners can search for words and expressions from our dictionary of over 30,000 supported with video examples. Learns can watch the word spoken in context from multiple authentic videos and then practice speaking them in context.


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