Player Improvements!


We’ve now made some substantial improvements to our patented video player. Thank you to all, the many EnglishCentral members who contributed to making this player into something great and for working with us to get to this point. The new player is a step towards creating an “all in one” learning experience. At some future date, we’ll be adding the “LEARN” step into the player and you’ll do all your learning of the video in the player. No need to go anywhere else.

Here’s a summary of the upgrades. Please make a comment and let us know you are happy! Screenshots below.

1. Compare your speech right after recording.
2. Get your point (cumulative and total) at the top (scroll over)
3. Default setting is auto pause. The player will pause before you record the next line.
4. Addition of the “Slow” feature and an advance button (advance to record the next line)
5. Feedback bubble now shows below the line recorded so you can clearly see your feedback/score.
6. New intro screen telling students/learners what the task is.
7. End screen with total score, grade score and social media sharing.

SPEAK: Player features

Player Intro Screen

Player Line Recording Screen

SPEAK points shown on rollover

Player End Screen


  1. Armando Vezza says:

    Great improvements! Thanks for this innovative and fun way for my students to practise their Pronuciation and intonation.


  2. Lyudmila Anikina says:

    Thanks for this great resource for my students! I see their motivation to improving pronunciation and enlarging their vocabulary. They are entirely involved! I also find a lot for my lessons.
    Best wishes,
    Lyudmila Anikina,
    an EFL teacher from Russia


  3. You are both very welcome. Look forward to more improvements but always listening to our teachers and students along the way….. Stay tune for courses – coming soon!



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