Highly Recommended By Teachers

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Data doesn’t lie. Data is truthful and something we can have faith in.

Ever wonder about what are the most popular videos on EnglishCentral?  Well, you can find that out easily.  It’s right on our video landing page.

However, ever wonder about what videos are most chosen by teachers?  Well, here’s a peak, a quick look at what videos teachers are most often selecting for their Class pages / Curriculum.   We’ll be making this widely available in the future and we think it will help teachers find the videos that are effective and strong teaching aides. Data drives achievement – it truly does…..

Most popular videos

as chosen by our thousands of teachers.

1. I have a dream

2. English Mania

3. Steve Jobs: What Is Truly Important

4. A Cool Place To Stay In Paris For Students
5. Alice In Wonderland trailer
6. Greetings: Nice To Meet You
7. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
8. Apple: Making A Difference
9. Introductions: Meet My Friend
10. JFK at the Berlin Wall

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